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image\rwnprg32.gif AfterTransmitString event


Syntax Private Sub Session_AfterTransmitString(ByVal TheString As String)



This event is triggered immediately after Reflection transmits a character, or string of characters, to the host.


TheString Argument type: String
The character or characters transmitted to the host. The number of characters in the string depends on the kind of connection you have. If Reflection is transmitting each character as you type it, the string will be one character long. If Reflection is in Block mode, the string will contain an entire screenful of information. If you use the Transmit method, this string will contain the contents of the String argument.

 TheString is passed to the event procedure by value. This means that changes you make to this value are only relevant within the event procedure itself; they have no subsequent effect on Reflection.


· Event procedures must be created in the code module for the Reflection Session object (ThisSession).


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