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image\rwnprg32.gif AfterLoadSettings event


Syntax Private Sub Session_AfterLoadSettings(ByVal SettingsFileName As String, ByVal SettingsType As Long)



This event is triggered immediately after a settings file is opened.


SettingsFileName Argument type: String
The full path name of the settings file that was just opened.

SettingsFileType Argument type: Enumeration
The type of settings file that was just opened.

rcSettings A complete settings file. Note: If SettingsFileType is rcSettings, the AfterLoadSettings event procedure must be located in the settings file that is being opened.

rcColors Color settings file.

rcConnection Connection settings file.

rcHotspots Hotspots settings file.

rcKeymap Keymap (keyboard and mouse map) settings file.

rcMenuMap Menu settings file.

rcToolbar Toolbar settings file.



· Event procedures must be created in the code module for the Reflection Session object (ThisSession).

· Arguments are passed to this event procedure by value. This means that changes you make to the argument values are only relevant within the event procedure itself; they have no subsequent effect on Reflection.


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