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object.WRQHostSystem = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) what type of host Reflection expects to be interacting with.

Set this property in Reflection for HP if you are connecting to a host other than an HP 3000.

This property is relevant only for transfers that use the WRQ/Reflection protocol.


In Reflection for HP, the default value is rcHP3000.

In Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS and Reflection for ReGIS Graphics, the default depends on whether you have selected UNIX or OpenVMS defaults. See HostForDefaultSettings for details.

The possible values are:

rcHP1000 Defines the HP 1000 as the host system type.

rcHP3000 Defines the HP 3000 as the host system type.

rcVMS Defines VMS as the host system type.

rcUNIX Defines UNIX as the host system type.

rcOther Defines Other as the host system type.



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