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object.WeakDCS = Value

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When this property is set to True, a device control string can be terminated by any of the characters that interrupt escape sequences and control functions; these characters are CAN (decimal 24), SUB (decimal 26), and ESC (decimal 27). This is the same behavior as all the terminals in the VT200 through VT400 series, except the VT320.

When this property is set to False, Reflection matches the behavior of the VT320 terminal, and a device control string can be terminated only by the string terminator character (decimal 156). Use this property if you need Reflection to behave like an actual VT320 terminal (for example, if you need to pass control characters as part of a sequence that would otherwise terminate the sequence).

In Reflection for HP, this property is relevant only in VT emulation mode.


The default value is True.


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