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object.TypeAhead = Value

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When you're connected through Reflection to an HP 3000 (and Reflection is not in block mode), you must wait for a prompt from the host before entering each new line of data. When the host is ready for input, it transmits a prompt to Reflection. The host ignores characters it receives before it sends this prompt.

Setting TypeAhead to True allows you to ignore this limitation. Reflection stores your keystrokes in a keyboard buffer; when the host sends a prompt character, Reflection sends the next line of keyboard input from the keyboard buffer.

The HP 3000 does not return a image\dc1.gif after a "BYE" is entered at the colon prompt or after the local user disconnects out to a switch. Anything sent to the type-ahead buffer after such events will never be sent to the host.

Occasionally, both Reflection and the host are in an Xoff state. Reset typeahead by pressing Alt+T or by issuing the escape sequence that performs this function.


The default value is False.


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