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object.ShortcutFolder = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the complete path to the folder where Reflection saves shortcuts to settings files. When you save settings to a settings file, Reflection saves the settings file in the current working folder. If the CreateShortcut property is set to True, Reflection also saves a shortcut to the settings file in the designated Shortcut folder. You can save shortcuts directly to your desktop by specifying the path to your desktop for the value for this property, as shown in these examples:

Session.ShortcutFolder = "C:\Windows\Desktop"

Session.ShortcutFolder = "C:\Winnt\Profiles\Joe\Desktop"


The default value is the path name of the current Reflection Sessions folder.

The string cannot be more than 259 characters long.


Changing the value of this property in one instance of Reflection will affect any instance of Reflection that you run, and will also affect these Reflection products:

Reflection for HP

Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS

Reflection for ReGIS Graphics.


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