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object.SharedMacrosFolder = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the file location of the SharedMacros settings file. If you are keeping the SharedMacros file in a shared network location, you can specify a folder path using mapped drives, UNC paths, or URLs as shown in these three examples:

Session.SharedMacrosFolder = R:\Reflection\SharedFiles

Session.SharedMacrosFolder = \\Myserver\Reflection\SharedFiles

Session.SharedMacrosFolder = HTTP://


· Administrators can change the default value of this property using Reflection's Group Policy support or the Reflection Profiler. (See the Reflection System Administrator's Guide for more information about these tools).


The default value is "%personalfolder%\Reflection\" which is the default directory for Reflection user files. This value configures Reflection to look for the SharedMacros file in the Reflection folder within the "My Documents" folder.


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