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object.SerialDeviceSettings = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the configuration parameters for the currently configured serial printer port. The value of this property is only relevant when the LogToSerialDevice property is True.

The value consists of alternating "keyword tokens" and "value tokens." The keyword token identifies a serial device setting; the value token specifies a value for the setting. SerialDeviceSettings supports four keyword tokens: Baud, ReceivePacing, TransmitPacing, and Stop Bits. (The possible values for these settings are the same as for the ConnectionSettings property.) You should include all four keyword tokens in the string using the following syntax. For each setting, replace value with the setting value you want:

Session.SerialDeviceSettings "Baud value Parity value ReceivePacing value TransmitPacing value StopBits value"

For example:

SerialDeviceSettings = "Baud 14400 Parity 8/NONE ReceivePacing XON/XOFF TransmitPacing XON/XOFF StopBits 1"

Tip: The easiest way to build this string is to turn on the macro recorder, open the Configure Serial Device Port dialog box (click Logging in the File menu, and then click Configure), select the settings you want, and then close the dialog box and turn off macro recording.


The default value is "Baud 9600 Parity 8/None ReceivePacing Xon/Xoff TransmitPacing Xon/Xoff StopBits 1".

The values used in this string are not case sensitive.


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