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object.NewSessionCurrentSettings = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether Reflection uses your current settings (including unsaved settings) when you open a new Reflection session. This property is only relevant if you have a Reflection session running and you open a new instance of Reflection from that session. The value of this setting only affects new instances of the same Reflection application. For example, if you set this property to True using Reflection for HP and then launch another instance of Reflection for HP, the new instance will use your current settings and NewSessionCurrentSettings will be set to True in the new instance as well. However, this property will be still be set to False if you open Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS (or Reflection for ReGIS Graphics) unless you have also changed its value using that application.

If NewSessionCurrentSettings is True and you use the NewSession method to open a new session of the same Reflection product, your current settings are used unless you specify a settings file. If you specify a settings file, the new session uses the settings in that file regardless of the value of this property.


· The value of this property is saved in the registry. Changing this property affects all subsequent instances of the current Reflection application.

· When this property is True the Use current settings checkbox is selected in the New Session dialog box. Clearing the checkbox is equivalent to setting NewSessionCurrentSettings to False.


The default values is False.


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