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object.MappedNumLockPreservesNumLock = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) how Reflection behaves when a user presses the PC NumLock key when it has been mapped to emulate the action of a terminal key. Note that by default the NumLock key is mapped to PF1 in VT emulation.

When this property is True, pressing the NumLock key sends the mapped keystroke to the host and also preserves the current Num Lock state of the PC keyboard. This matches the behavior of all Reflection sessions prior to version 9.0.

When this property is False, pressing the Num Lock key sends the mapped keystroke to the host and also toggles the PC NumLock state. The Num Lock indicater light will toggle each time you press the NumLock key. (Because the behavior of numeric keypad keys is not affected by the Num Lock state in default VT emulation, changing the NumLock state generally has no other effect.)

On some Windows systems with non-USB keyboards, pressing the mapped NumLock repeatedly may lead to a locked keyboard. Changing this property to False fixes this problem.


The default value is True.


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