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object.KermitChecksum = Value

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Kermit supports three kinds of error checking: single-byte checksum, double-byte checksum, and three-byte CRC. This property returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) which level of error checking is used. During file transfers, Reflection uses the level of error checking specified, unless the Kermit program at the other end of the transfer does not support that level, in which case the highest level the remote system supports is used (CRC is highest; single-byte checksum is lowest). Single-byte is fastest, but CRC provides the most thorough error checking.


The default value is rcCRC.

rcChecksum1Byte Kermit uses single-byte checksum.

rcChecksum2Byte Kermit uses double-byte checksum.

rcCRC Kermit uses three-byte CRC checksum.



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