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object.KermitAutomaticServer = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) how Reflection interacts with the host Kermit program.

If this property is set to True, Reflection interacts with the host Kermit program in the following manner:

· When the user first opens the File Transfer dialog box, no interaction with the host occurs.

· When the user requests a Kermit transfer, the host is put into server mode by transmitting the Server Startup command (specified with the KermitServerStartupCommand property). If no sequence is specified, then Reflection assumes that the host Kermit is already in server mode and takes no action other than to set a flag indicating that the host is in server mode.

· As long as the File Transfer dialog box remains open, the host Kermit program is left in server mode; transfers occur as the user requests them.

· When the user dismisses the file transfer dialog box, clicks on Setup, or changes the protocol, the KermitStopServer method is used to shut down the host Kermit program.

This property is only relevant for transfers from the File Transfer dialog box. For programmatic transfers, use the KermitStartServer method to start the host Kermit server program.


The default value is False.


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