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object.IBMPrintCharacters = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) how characters are printed under IBM 3151 emulation (TerminalType = rcIBM3151). The default value is rcIBMPrNational, which means certain characters are converted to space before printing. For a complete description, see the list below.


The default value is rcIBMPrNational.

rcIBMPrNational These characters are converted to spaces prior to a print job:
Superscript and subscripts
Field and character attributes
Reverse question mark
Send mark
Control characters 0 to 31 and 127

rcIBMPrAll Print operations are preceded by escape sequences that initialize the print device, and character translation occurs before printing for the following items:
Trailing nulls are omitted
Control characters, 0 to 31 are translated to spaces
Field attributes are sent as a pair of character attributes
Character attributes are sent prior to the character, if the attribute changed between characters
Reverse question marks are sent as spaces
Sent mark is sent as a null

rcIBMPrCharOnly Only ASCII characters in the range 32 to 126 are sent to the printer.


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