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object.HostStatusLine = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the current host status line display.

The bottom line of the terminal window is reserved for the VT status line, a one-line display that shows information about the current session. Normally, the host software sets this option.


The default value is rcNoStatusLine.

rcNoStatusLine The VT status line is not displayed.

rcIndicator When HostStatusLine is set to rcIndicator it shows:

· The current row and column of the text cursor. The position of the text cursor is always relative to the display, starting from row 1, column 1 at the top left.

· The current status of the printer, appearing as "Printer: <mode>." The <mode> depends on if the Logging on check box is selected in the Logging dialog box (click Logging on the File menu to display this dialog box).

rcHostWritable Host applications can display messages on the host status line. The control function DECSASD determines whether the terminal window or the status line is the active area for displaying text.


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