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Use this property to match Reflection to the capabilities of a Digital printer with regard to aspect ratio, horizontal grid size, background printing, and color printing.

This property is relevant only for sending sixel data to the host (that is, when the GraphicsDestination property is set to rcToHost) or when GraphicsDestination is set to rcToPrinter and BypassPrinterDriver is set to True.

This property also affects saving display sixels in the Save Display As dialog box.


The default value is rcLevel2.

rcLevel1 Level 1 sixel devices have an aspect ratio of 2:1 (2 horizontal pixels to 1 vertical pixel), and a horizontal grid size of about 188 by 0.025 mm (7.5 by 0.001 inches). This level, which includes Digital's LA50 printer, does not support the following sixel commands:

· Set raster attributes

· Background select

· Horizontal grid size

· Macro parameter

rcLevel2 Level 2 sixel devices, which include Digital's LA75 and LN03 printers, have a variable aspect ratio and variable horizontal grid size; the default aspect ratio is 1:1. These devices also support the sixel commands that level 1 devices don't. If you want to print expanded or rotated images on an LA75 printer, use rcLevel1 instead; this compensates for differences between Reflection and the printer. In general, level 2 printers can also operate at level 1. Digital's LA210 printer is similar to level 2 devices, but does not recognize the set raster attributes command.

rcLA210 The LA210 uses a 1:1 aspect ratio with a horizontal grid size of about 338 by 0.025 mm (13 by 0.001 inches). Some printers understand a certain level of graphics only. The LA50, for example, is a Level 1 printer and cannot operate at Level 2. In contrast, if you are using an LA210 printer, you can select either LA210 or Level 1.



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