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object.GraphicsDestination = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the destination of graphic images when you print a graphics image using the ReGIS hard copy command.

When you print a graphics image using the ReGIS hard copy command, the image can be sent either to the host or to a Digital printer. When the graphics image is sent to the host, it is sent as a stream of sixel data. The host must be ready to accept the data; for example, by collecting it in a file.

When the image is sent to a host printer, it is printed as a bitmap image. If BypassPrinterDriver is set to True, a sixel data stream is sent to the printer (this assumes you are printing to a Digital printer).


The default value is rcToPrinter.

rcToPrinter Images are sent to a Digital printer.

rcToHost Images are sent to the host.



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