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object.ForceC1Controls= Value

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In Reflection for HP, this property applies only when emulating a VT-series terminal.

In Reflection for ReGIS Graphics, this property applies only when emulating a VT or ANSI terminal (that is, it does not apply to Tektronix emulation).

Certain host character sets (such as PC-English or Chinese BIG-5) contain characters whose code values overlap those in the C1 control character region (characters 128 through159). This property determines whether Reflection interprets character codes in this overlapping region or displays them as host characters.

Setting this property to True forces Reflection to interpret character codes between 128 and 159 as C1 control codes. This allows VAX applications like TPU to work properly; however, characters defined in this range are no longer displayable. If this property is set to False, then Reflection interprets C1 character codes only for host character sets that support it (that is, host character sets that do not define displayable characters in the C1 control range).


The default is False.


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