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object.FileOpenType = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the settings file type that appears when you first display Reflection's Open Settings dialog box. For example, this statement specifies that Color settings files should be listed when you first open the dialog box:

Session.FileOpenType = rcColors

The value of this property changes automatically if the FileTypeSticky property is True (the default setting) and a user opens a new file type using the Open Settings dialog box. For example, opening a Connection settings file (*.rco) changes the value of FileOpenType to rcConnection. When FileTypeSticky is False, the value of FileOpenType is not affected by actions taken in the Open Settings dialog box. FileOpenType is not affected when you open settings files programmatically (for example using OpenSettingsExtended), regardless of the current value of FileTypeSticky.


The default value is rcSettings.

rcSettings Show settings files for all Reflection products.

rcCurrentProduct Show settings files for the current Reflection product.

rcKeymap Show Key/Mouse map settings files.

rcToolbar Show Toolbar settings files.

rcColors Show Colors settings files.

rcHotspots Show Hotspots settings files.

rcMenumap Show Menus settings files.

rcConnection Show Connections settings files.

rcSettingsUpdate Show Settings Update files.

rcRwebSettingsFile Shows Reflection for the Web Configuration files.

rcXMLSettingsFile Shows XML files.

rcLayout Show layout files.


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