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object.DynamicTerminalSize = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether Reflection supports dynamic update of the number of rows and columns in the display when the user resizes the terminal window. Note: You can only set this property to True when you are emulating a VT terminal. Your Telnet server and application must also support NAWS (Negotiate About Window Size) otherwise display problems can occur.

Setting DynamicTerminalSize to True automatically sets the AutoFontSize property to False, and resizing the Reflection window changes the number of window rows and columns. If you are working with an application that supports NAWS, this change is communicated to the host application.

Setting AutoFontSize to True automatically sets DynamicTerminalSize to False, and resizing the Reflection window changes the font size to fill the window; row and column values remain unchanged.

When both DynamicTerminalSize and AutoFontSize are False, the text display in the terminal window doesn't change when you resize the window. When the window is too small text is clipped, and when the window size exceeds the text display, Reflection increases the size of the surrounding border.


The default value is False.


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