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object.AutoUpdateFile = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the name of an update settings file to be loaded automatically any time you open your settings file. For example, if you set AutoUpdateFile to "D:\Shared\Updates.r2u" and save this change to a complete settings file called MySettings.r2w, then any changes you make to the update settings file, Updates.r2u, are automatically loaded each time you open MySettings.r2w. If the AutoUpdateSave property is set to True (the default value), then the loaded changes are automatically saved to your complete settings file.

You can use UNC path names or URLs to specify an update file located on a network server. This example uses a UNC path to specify a Reflection for HP update file:

Session.AutoUpdateFile = "\\MyServer\Reflection\Update Demo.r1u"

This example uses a URL to specify a Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS update file:

Session.AutoUpdateFile = "HTTP:// Demo.r2u"


· If AutoUpdateFile specifies a file that is not an update settings file, such as a regular settings file, the value of this property is ignored and no settings are loaded.


The default value is "".


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