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object.AllowSleepWhileConnected = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) how Reflection responds to a sleep request from the system. Sleep requests can occur because of a user action (such as pressing a sleep button or closing a laptop) or after a period of inactivity. This property is relevant only if Reflection is currently connected to a host; if no connection exists, Reflection will always accept a sleep request.

Note: In some instances, the system may send sleep notification without preceding it with a sleep request. The DisconnectOnSleep property determines whether or not Reflection attempts to maintain a connection after a sleep notification.


The default value is rcAllowSleepAskUser.

rcAllowSleepAskUser If Reflection is visible to the user and a connection exists, a dialog box opens with the message, "You have an active connection, do you want to allow the system to sleep at this time?" Reflection accepts or denies the sleep request based on the user response.

 If Reflection is not visible to the user (for example, the user has closed a laptop lid, or Reflection is running via Automation and is not visible), no dialog box opens and Reflection denies sleep requests when a connection exists.

rcAllowSleepNo Reflection denies sleep requests when a connection exists.

rcAllowSleepYes Reflection accepts sleep requests even if a connection exists.


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