Programming with Reflection

image\rwnprg32.gif TransmitTerminalKey method


Syntax object.TransmitTerminalKey KeyID



Simulates the pressing of a terminal key.


KeyID Argument Type: Enumeration
A terminal key constant. For a list of terminal key constants, open the Reflection Type library in the object browser and look under TerminalKeys.

 Note: You can use the recorder to determine the appropriate constant, or use the Reflection Keyboard Setup dialog box. When you click on a key in the terminal keyboard, you'll see an identifier, such as VtF8 or HPF2, at the bottom of the dialog box. The terminal key constant is this identifier preceded by "rc" and followed by "Key", for example in VT emulation, the F8 key is identified in the Keyboard Setup dialog box as VtF8, and is represented by the constant rcVtF8Key.


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