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image\rwnprg32.gif TransmitFile method


Syntax object.TransmitFile Filename, [PauseTime], [PromptChar], [Options]



Transmits the specified file to the host.

If the ReadTabAsSpaces property is True and the rcNoTranslation option is not specified, tab characters in the file are converted to spaces as they are transmitted to the host.

If the ReadCtrlZAsEOF property is True and the rcNoTranslation option is not specified, a Ctrl+Z character in the file will terminate the method.


Filename Argument Type: String
The name of the file to transmit. Supply complete path information if the file isn't on the Reflection macro path.

PauseTime Argument Type: String
Specifies the amount of time to pause between each line of the file, in HH:MM:SS.hh format. If this argument is omitted or is empty (""), Reflection does not pause between lines (though it may wait for PromptChar if one is specified).

PromptChar Argument Type: String
Specifies a character Reflection is to wait for between lines of the file. If this argument is omitted, Reflection does not wait for a prompt character between lines (though it may pause if a PauseTime is specified).

Options Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies additional, non-default behavior for the method. There are two options for this method:


 Indicates that the file contains binary data, and should not be translated from the PC character set into the host character set. Use this option if the file contains characters that are already in the host character set.


 Specifies that incoming characters should not be displayed in the terminal window while waiting for the PromptChar or for PauseTime at the end of a line. If both of the PauseTime and PromptChar arguments are omitted, this option has no effect (the method does not read incoming data from the host).

 To combine the two options, use the addition operator: rcNoTranslation + rcNoDisplay.


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