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image\rwnprg32.gif Transmit method


Syntax object.Transmit String, [Options]



Transmits a string to the host.


String Argument Type: String
Specifies the string to transmit.

Options Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies additional behavior for the method. You can combine two or more options using addition as shown here:

      .Transmit "Hello", rcNoTranslation + rcIgnoreBlockMode


 Indicates that the string should not be translated from the PC character set into the host character set.


 Indicates that keyboard text should be transmitted even if Reflection is in block mode. Without this option, transmitted data goes into display memory when Reflection is in block mode.


 Use rcDecodePassword to transmit encoded passwords to the host. Passwords are encoded when they are recorded by the Reflection recorder to ensure that they cannot be read in the source code of the recorded procedure. (The recorder records passwords only when SavePasswords is True.) Encoded passwords are also returned by the GetPassword method. Note: This option is ignored if you are transmitting a password that is not encoded.


 Indicates that portions of a string that follow a backslash should be interpreted using either hexadecimal code or C-language character conventions. For example, the following statement displays the fraction symbol ¼ (using the decimal code x0BC), followed by a carriage return (using the \r special character).

        .Display "\x0BC\r", rcHexData


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