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image\rwnprg32.gif StatusBox method


Syntax object.StatusBox Text, [Options]



Opens a dialog box that can be used to provide information to the user during macro execution. You can open only one dialog box for each Reflection session. This box remains visible until the CloseStatusBox method is used. You can update the dialog box message by calling StatusBox repeatedly using different values for the Text argument.

You can use the Options argument to add a title bar to the dialog box. This title bar allows the user to reposition the box on screen. You cannot include text within the title bar. For example:

.StatusBox "Please Wait", rcStatusBoxTitleBar


Text Argument type: String
The message to appear in the dialog box. This string can be up to 256 characters long; however the dialog box is a fixed size, and long messages may be truncated.

Options Argument type: Enumeration
Use this argument to include a title bar. When this argument is omitted, the dialog box contains no title bar.


 Include a title bar in the dialog box.



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