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image\rwnprg32.gif StartTrace method


Syntax object.StartTrace Filename, [IfFileExists], [TraceFormat]



Starts capturing data coming from the host to a disk file. Data being transmitted to the host can also be captured. The captured data includes all escape sequences and control codes, but does not include flow control, such as Xon/Xoff characters. The data is captured in binary format and is not translated in any way.


Filename Argument Type: String
Specifies the file to which data is written.

IfFileExists Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what to do if the file already exists. The default is rcCancel. The possible values are:


 Generates an error if the file exists.


 Overwrites the existing file.


 Appends trace data to the existing file.

TraceFormat Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what kind of trace to perform. The default is rcTraceDefault. The possible values are:


 Captures both incoming and outgoing data. The traced data does not include timing information.


 Captures all communications activity, keystrokes, commands, and menu selections. The information is recorded in a proprietary binary format, and must be processed (using the ProcessEventTrace built-in function) to create a readable ASCII file.


 Captures both incoming and outgoing data, and includes information about when data moved between the PC and the host, in HH:MM:SS.hh notation.


 Captures incoming data only. This option does not format the data in any way, and does not include timing information.


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