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image\rwnprg32.gif StartRecordingExtended method


Syntax object.StartRecordingExtended [Options]



Starts the Reflection recorder and supports recording with prompts and silent recording.

Use recording with prompts when you want to create a login macro that can be used by different users. When you start recording normally, your user name is entered as text when you record a login macro, and you need to edit the macro if you want it to be work for other users. When you use the recording with prompt option, Reflection will display a dialog box when you are recording a macro and you respond to a host prompt. You can use this dialog box to select any of the following options:

· Sent the text exactly as you enter it. (This is what happens during normal recording.)

· Prompt the user the first time the macro is run using GetLoginProperty. After this initial run, if Reflection will store this information in the registry.

· Ask the user every time the macro is run. (This option uses the InputBox$ function to ask for the user name.)

· Send the current Windows user name. (This option uses the PCUserName property to return the user name.)

Note: Recording with prompts does not affect password prompts. Reflection always creates a macro that prompts for passwords unless the Save Passwords setting is selected (SavePasswords = True), in which case the password is recorded in encrypted form.

Use this syntax for recording with prompts:

Session.StartRecordingExtended rcWithPrompts

When silent recording is selected, the camera icon appears on the taskbar but the recording toolbar is not displayed. If you exit Reflection while silent recording is in progress, Reflection closes without saving the recorded commands. This option is equivalent to StartRecordingSilently. Use this syntax for silent recording:

Session.StartRecordingExtended rcSilently

The following syntax specifies both options:

Session.StartRecordingExtended rcWithPrompts + rcSilently


Options Argument type: Enumeration

 Start recording that can automatically create appropriate dialog boxes when you enter text in response to a host prompts.


 Start silent recording. (The recording toolbar is not displayed.)



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