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image\rwnprg32.gif RunScript method


Syntax object.RunScript ScriptName, [ScriptArguments]



Runs a Reflection Basic script. For example:

Session.RunScript "C:\Mypath\Logon.rbs"


ScriptName Argument Type: String
Identifies the script to run. Reflection can locate a script without complete path information if the script is in a designated Script Folder, or is located in the Reflection macro path. Use the ScriptFolder property to designate a Script Folder. If you have a designated Script Folder, Reflection searches this folder for a script immediately after searching the current working folder, and before searching the User folder.

ScriptArguments Argument Type: String
This argument is for passing command line arguments to the script. The arguments are available within the script using the Command$ function


When you use RunScript to "chain" several scripts, you may receive a message saying that too many scripts are running. To avoid this, you can run scripts by calling the Main subroutine using a Declare statement. To call the Main subroutine in a script other than the current script, use the "Alias" option to rename the subroutine in the current script.


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