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image\rwnprg32.gif RestoreDefaults method


Syntax object.RestoreDefaults SettingType



Restores a group of Reflection settings to their default values. For example, to restore the default colors:

Session.RestoreDefaults rcColors


SettingType Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what kind of settings to restore. The possible values are:


 Restores all Reflection settings to default values and removes all macros. Note: This value is not available if you are using RestoreDefaults in a Reflection macro. It is available if you use this method on Reflection's command line, in a Reflection Basic script, or if you are using Automation to control Reflection from another application.


 Restores the default colors.


 Restores the default connection settings. If Reflection is connected to a host, Reflection will first disconnect from the host, and then restore the default connection settings.


 Restores the default hotspot configuration.


 Restores the default keyboard and mouse map, and removes all scan code definitions.


 Restores just the menu settings in the file, and ignores all other settings.


 Enables any features that have been disabled using the SetCommandGroupProfile method.


 Restores the default toolbar configuration.



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