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image\rwnprg32.gif NewSession method


Syntax object.NewSession [SessionType], [SettingsFile]



Opens a new Reflection window (session). For example, this command opens a new Reflection for HP session using the specified settings file:

Session.NewSession rcReflection1, "C:\Mypath\Myfile.r1w"

If you want to be able to control the new session from a macro or using Automation, use CreateObject instead of NewSession.

When NewSessionCurrentSettings is True and you use NewSession to open a session of the same Reflection product (either by omitting the SessionType argument or by using it to specify the same product you are running), the new session is configured using your current settings.


SessionType Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what type of session to create. If omitted, the new session is the same type as the current session. Only session types corresponding to Reflection products available on your PC or file server can be used. The possible values are:


 Start the Connection Wizard.


 Create a new instance of Reflection for HP.


 Create a new instance of Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS (VT emulation).


 Create a new instance of Reflection for ReGIS Graphics (VT graphics emulation).


 Create a new instance of Reflection for IBM.


 Create a new instance of Reflection X.


 Create a new instance of the Reflection FTP client application (supplied with all of the Reflection connectivity products listed above).

SettingsFile Argument Type: String
Specifies a settings file to be opened into the new window. If this argument is omitted, or if it's an empty string (""), a new Untitled session is created.



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