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image\rwnprg32.gif GetPropertyInformation method


Syntax PropertyInfo = object.GetPropertyInformation(Name, [Options])



Intended primarily for Attachmate internal use. It returns information about a specified Reflection property.

Name Argument Type: Variant
Use a string value, such as "ConnectionType," to identify a specific property name.

 Use an integer value to identify a property or series of properties by number. Information about all properties can be obtained by using integer values for Name in a loop, incrementing the Name value each time until the returned value is an empty string. Note: Do not use integer values in macros if you intend to use these macros with future versions of Reflection. The returned string resulting from passing an integer value may be different in upcoming versions.

Options Argument Type: String
This argument is not currently used.


PropertyInfo Return type: String
A string containing information about the specified property. Note: Exercise caution when using this method, because the exact format of the output string may change in future versions of Reflection.



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