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image\rwnprg32.gif GetLoginProperty method


Syntax Value = object.GetLoginProperty(Property, [Prompt], [HostUserName], [HostName], [Options])



This method opens a dialog box that prompts for information to be stored as a "Login property" and returns the value entered. Properties created by GetLoginProperty are saved in the Window's registry by CommitLoginProperties (unless the Options argument to that method is set to rcChangesNever). You can view and edit these properties by opening Reflection's View Settings dialog box and searching for "Login Property." Passwords are never stored in the registry.


Property Argument type: String
The name to be used to identify the Login property (for example "UserName").

Prompt Argument type: String
Specifies the prompt text for the dialog box. If this argument is omitted, a default prompt is displayed using the property name.

HostUserName Argument type: String
Specifies a host user name.

HostName Argument type: String
Specifies a host name. If this argument is omitted, GetLoginProperty uses the hostname from the current connection information.

Options Argument type: Enumeration
Determines whether the returned string is encoded.


 This option is required if the property name contains "password." To transmit an encoded password use the Transmit method with the rcDecodePassword option. When this value is used, the value is not echoed when entered, and is returned in an encoded form, so the rcDecodePassord option must be used when it is transmitted to the host.


Value Return type: String
The value returned from the dialog box.



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