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image\rwnprg32.gif GetKeyMapCommands method


Syntax Action = object.GetKeyMapCommands(Modifiers, Key)



Returns the action assigned to a particular keystroke.


Modifiers Argument Type: Enumeration
A keystroke consists of a primary key and one or more optional modifier keys¾Alt, Ctrl, and Shift. The possible modifier keys are:





 To specify multiple modifier keys, use the addition operator (+). For example: rcAltKey + rcCtrlKey.

Key Argument Type: String
String representing a PC key, such as "K", "F1", or "NumLock." Click here to see a list of keys.


Action Return type: String
The text of the command associated with the mapped keystroke. This can be a built-in function, a string to transmit, a Visual Basic statement, a Reflection macro, a Reflection Basic script, an RCL command, or an RCL script. Use GetKeyMapCommandType to determine what kind of command is returned.


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