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image\rwnprg32.gif GetKeymapCommandArgs method


Syntax CommandArguments = object.GetKeymapCommandArgs(Modifiers, Keys)



Returns macro data to be passed to a macro (or script arguments to be passed to a Reflection Basic script) that has been mapped to a particular keystroke. Use the SetKeyMap method to map keystrokes and to specify information to be passed to a macro or script.


Modifiers Argument Type: Enumeration
A keystroke consists of a primary key and one or more optional modifier keys¾Alt, Ctrl, and Shift. The possible modifier keys are:





 To specify multiple modifier keys, use the addition operator (+). For example: rcAltKey + rcCtrlKey.

Key Argument Type: String
String representing a PC key, such as "K", "F1", or "NumLock." Click here to see a list of keys.


CommandArguments Return type: String
The macro data to be passed to a macro (or arguments to be passed to the Reflection Basic script) that is mapped to the specified keystroke. This method returns an empty string for keystrokes mapped to something other than a macro or script, and for keystrokes mapped to macros or scripts with no information passed to them.


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