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image\rwnprg32.gif GetHostElement method


Syntax Syntaxstring = object.GetHostElement(ElmentName, [HostType], [HostLanguage], [Options])



Reads a host description file (specified by HostDescriptionFileName) and retrieves an element from that file. The host description file is an XML file that contains information about how hosts respond to login attempts. This method is intended primarily for use in the Password Exceptions macro (specified by the PasswordMacroFileName property.)

GetHostElement returns the value of the element specified by ElementName. When this element is nested within parent elements specifying host name, host type, and host language, these elements must also match. The host name value used for this comparison is the currently configured host for the Reflection session. Host type and language are specified using the HostType and HostLanguage arguments. If the requested element is found in more than one qualifying parent element, the last one found is used. If no matching element is found, this method returns an empty string.


ElementName Argument type: String
An element in the host description file. (Don't include angle brackets. Use only the element name itself. For example, "text".)

HostType Argument type: String
The host type, specified in the description file.

HostLanguage Argument type: String
The host language specified in the description file.

Options Optional
Omit this argument; it is not currently used.



Syntaxstring Return type: String
The value of the named element



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