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image\rwnprg32.gif GetContentFromXML method


Syntax Content = object.GetContentFromXML(Filename, ElementName, [Options])



Returns the content of a particular element in an XML file.

Note: This method is used in macros created by the macro recording wizard when you respond to a host prompt and then select the option Read the value from an XML file.


Filename Argument type: String
Specifies the name of an XML file. Supply complete path information if the file isn't on the Reflection macro path.

ElementName Argument type: String
Specifies the name of the element whose content you want returned. If the file contains many elements with the specified name, the content of the first such element is returned.

Options Optional
Omit this argument; it is not currently used.


Content Return type: String
The content of the specified element. If the file contains no elements that match the name specified in ElementName, an empty string is returned.



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