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image\rwnprg32.gif FlashWindow method


Syntax object.FlashWindow Rate



Causes the Reflection icon on the taskbar and the title bar of the Reflection window to flash. Flashing stops when Reflection becomes the active window.

Use this method to alert the user when a wait has been satisfied. Click here to see a list of methods that cause a procedure to wait. For example, these lines could be used to minimize Reflection during a wait for incoming data from the host (such as e-mail notification), then flash the Reflection icon when the incoming data is received.

With Session

 .WindowState = rcMinimized



End With


Rate Argument Type: String
Specifies the flash rate using HH:MM:SS.hh format. When this argument is omitted, the flash rate defaults to the Windows cursor blink rate. The following example specifies a flash rate of half a second:

Session.FlashWindow "0.5"



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