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image\rwnprg32.gif ExecuteBuiltInFunction method


Syntax object.ExecuteBuiltInFunction FunctionName



Executes one of Reflection's built-in functions.

Note: If your procedure exits Reflection after using the ExecuteBuiltInFunction method, Reflection will react as though a user-interface change has been made and prompt for a save of the settings file. To ensure that the exit is accomplished, include a SaveSettings method before the exit. If you're using AUTOMATION to control Reflection, an alternative solution is to set the Visible property to False before exiting.


FunctionName Argument type: String
The name of a built-in functions. With built-in functions, you can execute a Reflection menu command (such as EditPaste, which is equivalent to clicking Paste on the Edit menu) or execute a host function (such as HpDeviceModes or VtSendAnswerBack).


rcErrInvalidBuiltInFunction The FunctionName argument is unrecognized or invalid.


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