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Syntax object.Copy CopyWhat, [Format]



Copies text or graphics from Reflection's display memory to the Clipboard.


CopyWhat Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies what to copy. The possible values are:


 Copies the current selection (if one exists) to the Clipboard. If nothing is selected, rcSelection clears the Clipboard.


 Copies the current screen in display memory to the Clipboard.


 Copies all of display memory to the Clipboard.

Format Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies in what format to copy the data. If you omit this argument, data is copied to the Clipboard as plain ASCII text. The possible values are:


 Copies plain ASCII text. This is the default value.


 Copies as a tab-delimited table. This is equivalent to clicking Copy Table on the Edit menu.


 Copies data in rich text format (rtf).


 Copies a graphics/bitmap image to the Clipboard. When this value is used, and rcSelection is specified for CopyWhat, Reflection will copy the selection only, unless the selection is non-rectangular, in which case it will copy the bounding rectangle of the selection (bitmaps have to be rectangles). If CopyWhat is rcScreen, Reflection will copy the display area of the screen only, but not the status. If CopyWhat is rcAll, Reflection will copy the display area and any status/label lines that may be in the current terminal, including the user keys in Reflection for HP.


 Copies screen information using XML format.



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