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Keyword/Value syntax

TicketForwarding {True | False}

Valid in connection types


Can change value if connection is open?




Specifies whether Ticket Granting Tickets (TGT) are forwardable during Kerberos sessions. Ticket forwarding allows you to forward your TGT to another host and get service tickets for additional services without having to repeat the authentication process with the KDC. Tickets that have been forwarded may be forwarded again.


The default value is False.


Session.ConnectionSettings = "TicketForwarding True"

If .ConnectionSetting("TicketForwarding") = "True"


· This setting is only available when Kerberos is enabled (Authentication is True) and MutualAuthentication is set to True.

· Use these settings to configure Kerberos connections: Authentication, Encryption, MutualAuthentication, Principal, Realm, RenewableTicket, TicketForwarding.

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