image\msref32.gif Configuring Reflection's Behavior as a Terminal


Setting the Terminal Type

image\jump.gif TerminalType property

General Terminal Settings

image\jump.gif HostCharacterSet property

image\jump.gif EndOfLineWrap property

image\jump.gif Online property

image\jump.gif TextFileCharacterSet property


Properties for Configuring Specific Terminal Types

image\jump.gif IBM 3151 Terminal

image\jump.gif HP Terminals

image\jump.gif VT Terminals (in Reflection for HP with NS/VT)

image\jump.gif VT Terminals (in Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS, and Reflection for ReGIS Graphics

image\jump.gif BBS-ANSI and SCO-ANSI Terminals

image\jump.gif ADDS VP2 and DG 215 Terminals

image\jump.gif WYSE Terminals

image\jump.gif UNISYS T27 Terminals

image\jump.gif 401X Terminals

image\jump.gif Elf Atochem

image\jump.gif TVI 955 and TVI 950 Terminals

image\jump.gif Configuring Graphics

image\jump.gif Interacting with Hosts

image\jump.gif Managing the Display