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Keyword/Value syntax

TelnetLocation <value>

Valid in connection types


Can change value if connection is open?




Reflection supports the TELNET SEND-LOCATION option (specified in RFC 779). TelnetLocation sends the user's location, or other information, to a Telnet host.


By default, this value is not assigned; it will not appear among the keywords listed by the ConnectionSettings property until you have assigned it a value.

Possible values are:

$ip Sends the user's IP address in decimal form. For example:

 .ConnectionSettings = "TelnetLocation $ip"

$ip-hex Sends the user's IP address in hexadecimal form.

'string' Sends a literal string, such as the user's name or location. The string must be enclosed in single quotes. For example:

 .ConnectionSettings = "TelnetLocation 'Mary Smith in Accounting'"

Session.PCUserName Sends the value of the PCUserName property as the Station ID. This may be useful if you are using T27 terminal emulation. For example:

 .ConnectionSettings = "TelnetLocation " & Session.PCUserName

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