Programming Reference for Reflection for HP, Reflection for UNIX & OpenVMS, and Reflection for  Digital Graphics

image\rwnprg32.gif Tables of Keyword/Value Tokens


Each connection type supported by Reflection has its own set of configuration keyword tokens, and each keyword has its own set of value tokens (though many connection keywords are valid for a number of different connection types). The combination of a specific keyword token and its value token is called a keyword/value token pair.

You can determine the current value for a given keyword using the ConnectionSetting method. To determine the entire configuration string for the current connection, use the ConnectionSettings property. You can also use the ConnectionSettings property to configure a data connection with the appropriate keyword/value token pairs.

The easiest way to determine the specific keywords and tokens you need to set to configure a given connection type is to capture the connection settings with the Reflection Script Recorder. As an alternative, you can use the following tables to look up the keywords that each connection type supports:

image\jump.gif Keyword Tokens by Keyword

image\jump.gif Keyword Tokens by Connection Type