Programming Fundamentals

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The online programming reference (Rwinprog.hlp) includes help topics for the methods and properties supported by the following Reflection products:

Reflection for HP

Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS

Reflection for ReGIS Graphics

This file also includes information about Reflection's connection keyword/value tokens and Reflection's error constants.

You can use Reflection's methods, properties, and events to develop macros using Reflection, or you can use them to control Reflection through OLE Automation from other applications (such as Visual Basic, Excel, Word, or any application that supports Automation). Reflection also continues to support the use of the Reflection API in Reflection Basic scripts.

Tip: As you develop procedures in the Editor, you can get help on any keywords by positioning the insertion point on the keyword and pressing F1. This will open a help topic for that keyword.

If you are working using VBA in a different application, or you are using stand-alone Visual Basic, you can also get quick help with Reflection commands by pressing F1 if you have added the Reflection Object library to your References using the References command in the Tools menu.

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