image\msref32.gif New and Updated commands in version 9.0


The following commands are new (*) or updated in version 9.0. Click any item in this list to open a help topic for that command. (Click here to see a list of methods and properties that were new with version 8.0.)

Managing Connections

 ConnectionType property (New RLOGIN support)

* TimeSinceConnected method

* ShowTimeConnected property

 The following new and updated keyword tokens are available for use with the ConnectionSetting method and the ConnectionSettings property:

  NSVTPort (Now accepts any user-defined port value)

 * RloginPort

 * RloginTermType

 * Timeout

 * TLSStrength

 * UsePCUserName

 * UseTLS

XML Support

 Copy method (New XML support)

* GetContentFromXML method

 GetText method (New XML support)

 SaveDisplayMemory method (New options for controlling how much of the display is saved and XML support)

* SaveXML method

* SettingsStyleSheet property

Configuring Reflection's Behavior as a Terminal

 HostCharacterSet property (New Greek and Turkish character set support)

 TerminalType property (New LINUX terminal support)

Keyboard Configuration

* MappedNumLockPreservesNumLock property


* PrintDuplex property

* ValidatePrinter property

* PrinterPaperSize property

* PrinterPaperSource property

Language Support

* LanguageOverride property