image\msref32.gif New Methods, Properties, and Events in version 8.0


The following methods, properties, and events were new with version 8.0 of Reflection. Click any item in this list to open a help topic for that command. (Click here to see a list of methods and properties that were new with version 7.0)

Automation Events

AfterConnect event

AfterDisconnect event

AfterLoadSettings event

AfterTerminalKey event

AfterTransmitString event

BeforeConnect event

BeforeExit event

BeforeLoadSettings event

BeforeTerminalKey event

BeforeTransmitString event

BeforeUserDisconnect event

BlockModeEnter event

BlockModeExit event

DefinedEvent event

KeyboardEnabled event

KeyboardLocked event

Serial Device to Host (Printer 2-way Communication)

LogToSerialDevice property

SerialDeviceToHost property

SerialDevicePort property

SerialDeviceSettings property

Power Management

AllowSleepWhileConnected property

DisconnectOnSleep property

Running Reflection

CascadeWindowAtStartup property

ReflectionWindowsList property

Display Setup

AbsoluteRow property

ColorCursor property

DynamicTerminalSize property

StatusLineText property

T27 Terminal Emulation

T27CRDisplayFromComm property

T27CRDisplayFromKeyboard property

T27EnableMobileHome property

T27FFClearsTabs property

T27FixedTabs property

T27FormDelimitersVisible property

T27HTDisplayFromComm property

T27HTDisplayFromKeyboard property

T27PrinterPassthrough property

T27ReceiveModeHold property

T27SendExtended property

T27SoSiXLT property

T27SoSiXTN property

T27VTPageAdvance property

Keyboard Setup

EnterConnects property

ReturnEqualsEnterInBlockMode property

International Language Support

WinMASS property