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image\rwnprg32.gif ModemCountryName keyword


Keyword/Value syntax

ModemCountryName "<string>"

Valid in connection types


Can change value if connection is open?




A string specifying the country of the number being dialed. To see possible values, refer to the Country Code list in the Connection Setup dialog box. Country code names contain spaces, so you should use either single quotation marks (' ') or doubled quotation marks ("" "") if you are using a literal string for the value.


The default value is the current country as configured using the Windows or NT Control Panel. This string can be up to 64 characters long.


.ConnectionSettings = "ModemCountryName 'United States of America (1)'"

If .ConnectionSetting("ModemCountryName") = "United States of America (1)"

Note: This setting is relevant if you are using Control Panel modems (the default configuration), but not if you are using Reflection's old modem dialer (UseModemDialerV5 = True).

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