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Using the Manager Views

Whenever you select a node on your logical tree, the Manager responds by displaying information about that node using one of several views. The selected view appears in the right pane of the Manager window and displays a specific type of information about the selected node.

Use this view
To do this
Reports The Reports view is displayed by default when you open the NetWizard manager window. Use the Reports view for viewing, exporting, and printing various NetWizard reports.
Directory Display the selected node's directories and files. Using the Directory view, you can distribute files from the selected node to other nodes in the logical tree, or to other locations on your Windows desktop.
Status Display a list of the distributions sent to the selected node and the current status of each distribution. Using the Status view, you can check on the success or failure of a distribution, and in verbose mode, you can view diagnostic information about any failed distributions.
Undo Data Display a list of distributions that can be undone for the selected node. Using the Undo Data view, you can restore overwritten or deleted files and remove unwanted distributions.
Inventory Display an inventory of the hardware and software installed on the selected node, including a detailed listing of system properties. You can use the Inventory view to display a node's system properties and configurations, as well as the contents of a node's Config.sys, Autoexec.bat, and other text files.
Registry Display the Windows registry Agent node. Using the Registry view, you can add, modify, and remove registry keys and values.
System Policy View and modify system policies for Agent nodes. System policies allow you to customize the operating environment of the Agent PCs. For example, you can enable or disable particular desktop components.