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Organizing Your Agents and Branch Managers

You may have a wide variety of Agent and Branch Manager PCs on your network, running on a number of operating systems and performing different functions within various departments of your company or organization. A NetWizard Manager (or Branch Manager) uses a hierarchical list called a logical tree to organize and display the PCs and users that it is responsible for. Using a logical tree, which appears on the left pane of the Manager window, you can easily view and interact with selected portions of your network.

Each labeled item on a logical tree is called a node. Both Agents and Branch Managers are types of nodes. Other types of nodes can be used to represent servers, directories, individual users or computers, Web pages, and groups of other nodes.

As you plan your use of NetWizard, you will be designing one or more logical trees to suit the various configurations and purposes of the PCs in your company or organization.

The following diagram illustrates an example of a network with a Central Manager, Agents, and various Branch Managers.

When viewed from the Central Manager, the logical tree this network might look like this: