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What's New in NetWizard

This version of NetWizard includes some exciting new features and enhancements to existing features.

New Supported Environments

  • Windows Server 2003 is now supported for central and branch managers.

  • Windows NT is no longer supported for central or branch manager installations. It is still supported for NetWizard agents.

Enhanced Installation

Updated Central Manager Installation

  • The new MSI installer for the central manager provides a simplified installation process and an updated look and feel.

  • A new %[ProgramFilesDir] variable represents the location of your Windows Program Files directory. By default, both managers and agents are now installed to subdirectories at this location.

New Generic Agent

  • The agent installation and configuration files have been separated to allow the use of a single set of installation files for multiple managers.

  • Administrators can automate the selection of a NetWizard manager during agent installation, or allow the user to select from a list of agent configurations at install time.

Remote Installation Wizard

  • NetWizard includes a new wizard for remotely installing NetWizard agents on client computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.

  • Using this new feature, administrators can either run the installation from a network location, or copy and run the installation on each client computer.

Copy Agent Configuration Utility

  • NetWizard includes a new utility for copying existing agent configurations to be installed for use with different managers.

  • If you use this utility, you can create a new agent configuration based on an existing configuration, changing only the manager to which it reports.

Updated User Interface

  • The NetWizard window has an updated look and feel, with new tabs that simplify switching between views.

  • A new Reports view has been added as the default view, with several reports available immediately upon installation.

  • The Directory view now has a Windows Explorer-like look and feel.

    You can show, hide, and resize the columns, and you can drag-and-drop between the Directory view in the manager and another location on your Windows desktop.

  • The Branch Navigator is no longer required to view and interact with branch manager logical trees from the central manager.

  • The Node Wizard dialog box has a new tabbed interface and the Build Install Media dialog box has been updated.

Preboot Services

  • Preboot services use the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) to execute preboot actions on client computers, even when a NetWizard agent has not yet been installed.

    Preboot actions are carried out by way of preboot menus and boot images.

  • You can create rules for distributing menus and boot images, so that only client computers that meet specific criteria will execute preboot actions.

  • PXE-enabled clients are displayed on the NetWizard logical tree, even if the clients do not yet have a NetWizard agent installed.

New Reporting Capabilities

  • NetWizard reports provide a new alternative for viewing details about nodes in your NetWizard logical tree, including distributions, inventory, and metering details. You can view, print, and export the information presented.

  • NetWizard includes several reports, which are available from the Reports view in the NetWizard manager window.

  • You can use Crystal Reports Designer to create additional NetWizard reports.

  • NetWizard also includes Crystal Reports Server, which can be used to publish NetWizard reports to the Web.